“I had a bulging disc and it was not bad enough for surgery but i was in a lot of pain. Dr. Kraucak told me about Prolotherapy. I had 4 shots and they worked a miracle on my back. My back has healed and i am able to function normally. What a Godsend is Dr. Kraucak and the knowledge available. We are so fortunate to have Dr. Kraucak in the Villages. Refreshing to have an alternative Doctor that wants to heal you rather than cover up symptoms..” – Roberta Rowe
“Thank you for keeping up with cures and prevention. I believe I would not be alive today if you were not my doctor.” – Mary Ann DL
“Thanks for all the help in helping care for all my ailments. Great job – well done.  -Charles R.
“Thank you for your refreshing interest in integrated medicine.” Mary M.
“I do appreciate Dr. K and I believe he is doing a good job.” Rodney S.
“You have saved me from suffering much pain and kept me from back surgery with prolotherapy and neck pain has been successfully treated.” Bernie C.
“An inspired healer, passionate in his care and treatment. Outstanding in his field—A quality man.” –Laraine P.
“Your calming demeanor and vast knowledge of all facets of medicine give me the courage to continue a healthy lifestyle – not always easy in this day and time and with my family history of cancer. – Terri T.
“He has saved my life!” – Sandra G.
“Dr. Kraucak has helped us greatly with Fibromyalgia and Pete’s cancer. We have referred others to you.” – Pam M.
“I appreciate your extensive knowledge and dedication to natural treatments. Intelligent and caring.” – Gloria L.
“You have been a very good doctor to me. I never hesitate to see you with a health issue.” – Anna C.
“Thank you for not just running tests and prescribing drugs. You are truly a healer.” – S.P.
“Thank you is not enough for all you have helped me to accomplish. I choose to go holistic and appreciate your knowledge, time and patience.” –Marie F.
“Thank you for taking good care of me.” – Westin
“Dr. K was very kind and understanding. Frank and myself appreciated how he care for us. God bless him. – Helen B.
“Thanks for what you do and for caring enough to do your very best.” – Carl B.
“I’ve been coming to Dr. K for six years and I feel better now than I did six years ago. Thank you Dr. K.” – Joe M.
“Thanks for being my doctor. When I need you, you come through.” – Rita B.
“I appreciate your passion for healing through natural means and am blessed to have a doctor like you near my new home.” –Dina H.
“I really appreciate that Dr. K is knowledgeable about alternative treatments. I’ve taken advantage of numerous ones and I’m pleased with my progress. Thank you.” –Pat W.
“Thank you for all the help with treating my high blood pressure. I like your bed side manner and how you explain everything to my understanding.” – A.T.
“My energy level was low and Dr. K put me on thyroid medication and I’m feeling much improved, plus my cholesterol came down over 100 points.” –Sandra S.
“Dr. Kraucak has shown in-depth knowledge and patience in explaining all details of treatment. A pleasure to be treated by him.” – Sandra F.
“He was very friendly and open. Also very thorough.” – Charlotte H.
“I appreciate the holistic approach taken by Dr. Kraucak.” – Arlene B.
“I like the alternative side of the practice as I do not like the big pharma products unless absolutely necessary. Good job.” – R.A.
“A note of thanks for your kind bedside manner. You take/make time to listen to your patients and offer your advice professionally. Very appreciated.” – Carl H.
“He’s very thorough.” – J.D.
“Dr. K is the best. We’re happy he is in this part of Florida.” – Jerry S.
“The best doctor I have ever had. Plus he flies a plane – Bill C.
“Dr. Kraucak has helped with my cholesterol control and he’s been a big aid with pain management. I’m pleased.” – E.C.
“I appreciate your patience and undivided attention. Not many doctors provide that these days. Thanks for answering my many questions. I am blessed to have a doctor so knowledgeable in so many areas.” – Judy E.
“My general health has been brought up to almost excellent since working with Dr. K. Thank You.” – Bob P.